Private Practice

Fees and Charges

If you are not covered by any of the health insurance companies then you will have to pay all fees directly. My current charges for a consultation and treatment are below*.

First Consultation: £140

Follow-up visit £80

Like most surgeons involved in private practice in the UK I charge at the current standard BUPA rates. Please note that in addition to the consultation charges any procedures performed in the outpatient department are charged separately. These too are charged at current BUPA rates, and will be amended from time to time. Common procedures performed in the outpatients include:

  1. Rigid sigmoidoscopy: £91.00
  2. Proctoscopy +/- haemorrhoid injection: £91.00
  3. Removal of small lumps: £117.00
  4. Local Anaesthetic injection: £29.25
  5. Other injections (steroid etc): £91.00

*(Please note these charges are the current BUPA rates at the time this page was last amended - see bottom of page

Please note - All private hospitals will invoice the patients separately for equipment used during these procedures. It is the patients' responsibility to enquire of these charges and to settle the bill directly with the hospital concerned. These bills are separate to, and not inclusive of the procedure. This is special importance to un-insured patients who should take this into account when budgeting for treatment. 

Cheques are to be made payable to " Dr M H Shiwani"